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May 21st, 2018
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May 20th, 2018
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May 18th, 2018
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Hyiper.win is a listing of HYIP programs.

You can add a new HYIP program if you are it's administrator or owner.

Premium Listing - $40 - ($30+$10)
3 any banners for lifetine
Payout posting and support on top invest forums by member, not monitor

Normal Listing - $15 - ($10+$5)
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Payout posting and support on top invest forums

Trial Listing - $3 - ($0 + 3 fee)

You will have status PAYING on monitor and allhyipmonitors.com.

After entering and submitting the Add Program Form, you are requested to make your Monitor Fees + Listing Fees through PerfectMoney (Automatic) , After the payment successful your listing which you have submitted will be approved automatic.We will reinvest into your program and start monitor ASAP!

Listing Location Total Fees = Monitor Fees + Listing Fees Add Your Program now!
Premium Listing $40($30+$10)* Add to the Premium listing
Normal Listing $15($10+$5)* Add to the Normal listing
Trial Listing $3($0+$3)* Add to the Trial listing
PTC Listing $0($0+$0)* Add to the PTC listing

$30will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring.$10 fee.

**$10 will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring.$5 fee. After we get 80% of our deposit we will consider your listing advancement to the 'Premium' section.

****$0 will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring.$3 fee.

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